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Please feel free to download the forms you need. If you have any questions about which documents are needed, or if you need assistance with completing any of the forms, please call us at (877) 567-7264 and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

Subscription Agreement

Item ID: SAGC-FR18
Updated: 02/18
Size: 602 KB

Subscription Agreement for the Stira Alcentra Global Credit Fund.

Additional Subscription Agreement

Item ID: SAGC-FR25
Updated: 02/18
Size: 486 KB

To be used when an investor wants to purchase additional shares.

Transfer on Death Form

Item ID: SAGC-FR24
Updated: 12/17
Size: 501 KB

To be used to transfer ownership of shares to beneficiaries.

Trustee Certification

Item ID: SAGC-FR23
Updated: 12/17
Size: 492 KB

To be used when submitting any new subscription or change of ownership.

Corporate Resolution Certification

Item ID: SAGC-FR22
Updated: 12/17
Size: 487 KB

To verify those authorized to provide transaction instructions.

Application for Transfer

Item ID: SAGC-FR19
Updated: 2/18
Size: 581 KB

To be used to transfer ownership of shares except when due to a death.

Account Update

Item ID: SF-FR20
Updated: 01/18
Size: 487 KB

Universal form. Update mailing address, distribution method or representative information.

Electronic Delivery

Item ID: SAGC-FR30
Updated: 01/18
Size: 436 KB

To request electronic delivery of documents instead of paper delivery.

First Trust Retirement (FTR) IRA Application

Item ID: SAGC-FR29
Updated: 01/18
Size: 715 KB

To be used only if you elect to have FTR as your IRA Custodian.

Wiring Instructions

Item ID: SAGC-FR26
Updated: 01/18
Size: 442 KB

Instructions for wiring funds for an investment in Stira Alcentra Global Credit Fund.